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MBR container plant in Ingolstadt

In August 2010, we received an order from AUDI AG to carry out a pilot test, lasting several months, for the advanced treatment of process wastewater using membrane process technology at the Ingolstadt plant. The test series was carried out with an MBR container plant provided and operated by us at the Ingolstadt plant and scientifically accompanied and published by the TU-Berlin, Department of Environmental Process Engineering, Professor Dr.S.-U.Geißen.


In the years 2011 up to and including 2014, we received further orders from AUDI AG for the determination, planning, design and support of the implementation of new large-scale plants, for the advanced wastewater treatment / wastewater treatment of different process wastewater in the AUDI plants:


  • Ingolstadt

  • Münchsmünster

  • Neckarsulm

  • Györ (Hungary)


The attached pictures show part of the wastewater treatment plant we designed and planned at the Münchsmünster plant, at its opening in December 2013

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