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MBR plant Ochs 50 p.e.

Example New construction of an outdoor wastewater treatment plant 50 p.e. with state-of-the-art membrane process technology on the Margarethenhof in Briedel / Hahn airfield by the project development company Ochs GmbH, in the Zell-Land municipality.

The implementation of the measure took place from November 2017 to June 2018, including complete new construction of the sewer, & drinking water network. For many years, the approximately 50,000m² site has served the Christian association Praiseland as an international meeting place between May and September. For this purpose, for 1,000 to 2,000 guests per season, a large tipi tent camp, a kitchen, as well as sanitary facilities are erected on a part of the site. In addition, there are operational buildings on the site, which will be used permanently. It is planned to use the extensive area with an additional cottage complex. An extension of the new treatment plant is therefore possible on a modular basis. The entire plant technology is equipped with GSM remote monitoring. Here, too, the wastewater is purified to almost germ- & virus-free bathing water quality.

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