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MBR plant sports field Kirn-Sulzbach 12 p.e.

Construction of a new membrane wastewater treatment plant at the Kirnsulzbach sports field by the Kirn municipal utility. The plant was designed in such a way that wastewater peaks of more than 100% above the regular daily throughput of the treatment plant can be temporarily stored via an upstream buffer tank. The wastewater is then fed to the treatment plant in metered quantities via an automatically controlled feed pump. In this way, even larger events can be safely handled with a wastewater treatment plant size that must be designed for rather low daily wastewater flows for most of the year. The pit construction was carried out in a buoyancy-protected manner. The implementation took place from November 2015 to January 2016.


We have been successfully practicing such plant concepts for many years and they can be applied wherever seasonal wastewater fluctuations pose a problem for conventional wastewater treatment plants.


Among others, we have also implemented similar concepts with membrane wastewater treatment plants at the following locations (selection):

  • Sports field Laufeld, on behalf of the Wittlich-Land Association of Municipal Utilities

  • Mönchsheide Estate, on behalf of the Brohltal Municipal Utilities Association

  • Thurant Castle, on behalf of the Rhine-Moselle Association of Municipal Utilities

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