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MBR plant Waldhof-Falkenstein 50 p.e.

Example New construction of a local wastewater treatment plant with state-of-the-art membrane process technology in Waldhof-Falkenstein with upstream vacuum station by the Verbandsgemeindewerke Südeifel.


The implementation of the measure took place from July 2013 to September 2013, including complete rehabilitation / new construction of the local sewer network over a total of 1.9 km, along with the construction of all 22 house connections. Due to the very steep location and the rocky ground conditions, it was decided to build a vacuum station that feeds the wastewater to the membrane treatment plant in a controlled manner. The vacuum station automatically determines the daily discharged wastewater quantities of each individual house connection and sucks these with negative pressure from the very narrow sewer system (DN 90) into an intermediate storage tank, from which the wastewater treatment plant then receives its feed. Another advantage of the vacuum station is that it immediately detects and reports any extraneous water inflow, giving precise details of the house connection concerned. The entire plant technology (treatment plant & vacuum station) is equipped with remote monitoring. Here, too, the wastewater is purified to almost germ- & virus-free bathing water quality.

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