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Gel boxes (IP 68)

IP68 ... fits into any existing junction box, easy installation in any weather, non-toxic, unlimited storage, permanently air, gas, and water tight.

Wherever electrical / electronic assemblies have to be used permanently in the vicinity of water / waste water or moisture, problems can arise without suitable protective measures. There are proven protective measures for this, e.g. potting compound or resins, which, however, often make subsequent work on the protected assemblies impossible.


Other disadvantages of common measures may include:

  • complex to use

  • toxic

  • expensive to purchase

  • long drying times during assembly

  • Only conditionally storable

  • not reusable


If, on the other hand, subsequent removal / work on electrical components is required, distribution boxes / junction boxes are generally used in wastewater treatment plants, or all individual electrical components are installed outside the damp area. Although such boxes are available in various protection classes, usually splash-proof or EX-proof, new phenomena are now occurring due to high humidity, air composition and temperature fluctuations, e.g.:


Corrosion / oxidation on cable clamps / cable bridges as well as condensation formation


Condensation water forms insidiously and, in combination with air, leads, among other things, to corrosion / oxidation on cable clamps / cable bridges / copper wires, which leads to considerable problems, such as:


  • sudden malfunctions of the wired components

  • defect of individual wired system components caused by short circuit

  • Complete failure of the entire plant technology


Until now, these problems could only be avoided by accepting the above-mentioned possible disadvantages of the common protection measures. So one always had to make compromises.


Now you can change that!  


THE new solution for you:

  • Plastic boxes pre-filled with special gel

  • for low voltage

  • Insulation voltage 0.6 / 1 kV

  • for rigid or flexible insulated wires from 1 to 6mm² (the insulation of the wires is of course NOT affected by the soft side walls of the boxes)

  • Suitable for retrofitting in existing junction boxes

  •  absolutely airtight, gas-tight & watertight

  • meets IP 68, according to CEI EN 50393 / CEI-20-33

  • Laying temperature from -40°C to + 50°C

  • no drying times

  • No expiration date

  • non-toxic

  • suitable for most common connectors

  • Available in different sizes

  • Suitable for underwater applications

  • Suitable for use in the ground

  • Suitable up to 90°C operating temperature

  • Installed within seconds WITHOUT tools

  • all 3 wires (L,N & PE), e.g. of a 230V component, can be combined in ONE box

  • reusable

  • including sealing of the main sheathing possible

  • Cost-effective

To protect against corrosion of entire electronic assemblies, e.g. pump controls, or very compact junction boxes / junction boxes, we offer a MAGIC-GEL! Hereby the desired assemblies are completely poured out in one operation. The gel spreads evenly over all components, is leak-proof within a few minutes and remains permanently flexible! It is also non-toxic and can be easily removed again if required.


Our practical experience after the first 12 months of continuous testing, since the first use of the gel boxes in plant distributions of sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, in the range of 230V/400V, are consistently positive! There were no more failures or malfunctions of electrical system components due to corrosion / oxidation and / or condensation!

Data sheets gel boxes

(in German and English)


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