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Why MBR technology?


Membrane wastewater treatment plants therefore achieve the demonstrably best treatment performance because they combine the advantages of proven biological treatment processes with state-of-the-art filter & control technology.


Even in the standardized sizes, they are designed in such a way that an intelligent control technology can react specifically to the respective filling levels in the bioreactor and thus always adapt to the current conditions. As a result, malfunctions in plant operation are also detected at an early stage and signaled to the operator. As a result, this also leads to very low power consumption. 


Monolithic pits made of concrete or plastic offered by us for standardized plants fulfill the additional required approvals / proofs of tightness and stability since mid-2010.

Membrane wastewater treatment plants have been used very successfully for more than 20 years in the field of large-scale wastewater treatment plants and, since the introduction of DIN EN in 2004, have also been operated very successfully as small-scale wastewater treatment plants in the decentralized wastewater sector.


Membrane wastewater treatment plants from German manufacturers were the first processes to be type-tested in accordance with DIN EN and to receive approvals from the German Institute for Building Technology (DiBt) in all 5 possible effluent classes.


Membrane wastewater treatment plants virtually eliminate the risk of infection posed by wastewater treatment plants and can therefore also be used in many protected areas.

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