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Small sewage treatment plants

Maintenance, consulting, planning, construction

The strict European guidelines and deadlines currently in force for the collection and disposal of wastewater have caused the fees for outdoor wastewater disposal in many communities and municipalities to increase many times over in recent years.

In this context, decentralized wastewater treatment is playing an increasingly important role and is now recognized in outdoor areas as a permanent, efficient and cost-effective alternative to the previous sewer construction (connection to the municipal wastewater treatment plant).


Until 2010, our experts were engaged in the planning, construction and operation of decentralized wastewater treatment plants of different manufacturers throughout Germany. Since 2010 we have been doing this as an independent WATER MEM GmbH.


In Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, hundreds of small wastewater treatment plants have been built in more than 30 communities and municipalities, all of which are serviced by our service team.


A large number of our municipal customers have entrusted us with the overall planning under water law and building law, the construction and the legally required service of the constructed plants. For this purpose, we regularly train specialists for wastewater technology in-house and also have our own in-house laboratory for determining / checking the legally required effluent values at wastewater treatment plants.

We also supply decentralized systems to other European countries, where they are successfully installed and commissioned by local partner companies.


Due to its economic efficiency, its proven operational reliability, as well as its usability in problematic cases (e.g. strongly fluctuating wastewater volumes), we also favor membrane process technology for small wastewater treatment plants, the share of which in all plants built by us is well over 90%!


In contrast to other biological treatment processes with design approval, according to DIN EN 12566-3, membrane treatment plants generally fulfill the following effluent classes:

Abbreviation & definition of the classes:

C : Carbon eliminationN
: Nitrification

D : Denitrification

+ P: Phospate elimination*+
H: Hygienization


* usually using optional P precipitation


By the way, since 2017, the membrane systems serviced by us fulfill the highest protection class, namely IP68 (waterproof), in relation to the electrical junction boxes present in the systems! This prevents, among other things, a temporary failure / short circuit / cable fire at all system components installed in the junction boxes due to condensation, as it often forms creeping in junction boxes, e.g. due to temperature differences. Likewise, the cable connections used by us are 100% corrosion-free!


Alternatively, you can also purchase a small wastewater treatment plant 4 to 50 PE in the discharge classes C,N,D through us.


We also offer near-natural processes in effluent classes C & N, which operate WITHOUT technology.

Maintenance & service

We will be happy to provide you with a quote to perform standard maintenance for ALL small wastewater treatment system processes, such as:

  • Membrane wastewater treatment plants from other manufacturers

  • SBR small wastewater treatment plants, with or without downstream UV disinfection

  • Fixed bed

  • Trickling filter

  • Plant bed, or soil filter sewage treatment plants

  • as well as lifting plants, separator plants and pumping stations

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